BeechCraft B200

I am selling my home built flight simulator. It is modeled after a Beechcraft B200 Turboprop
It is not an exact replica obviously but most of the switches and gauges are there.

A lot of work went into this simulator. If you are interested, you should know what you are getting your self into and of course, what is included and what is not.

The simulator was modeled off of a Beechcraft B200 Turboprop aircraft but could be configured to run most twin engine planes. It features working gauges working 2x Garmin G1000 display units. All fully functional with adjustable lighted buttons, functional knobs and a radio control unit. The simulator also includes a dual engine throttle quadrant with elevator trim wheel, Yaw and aileron trim knobs. See below for a full list.

The gauges are controlled by software which is freely available and I'll provide a disk with the software. The G1000ā€™s are programmed using a small easy to use program which I will also provide. The buttons emulate keyboard strokes and can be programmed to perform multiple keyboard commands (very cool). The knobs behave like joystick buttons so they are easily programmed using whatever Flight sim program you are using. The various switches and knobs positioned around the cockpit all behave like joystick button presses. The warning and caution panel LEDā€™s are controlled by 2 separate devices. One is a Goflight DIO board (It also controls several switches) the other is a Phidgets LED 64. There is a wonderful program that makes great use of the Go-Flight DIO from a company called Pollypot software. Their program is freeware or Donateware It is enormously useful and I was happy to donate to the cause. I can also include that program as well as provide a link to developers site.
The cockpit lighting is controlled by 2 PWMs providing analog style dimming of the buttons and dash lighting. All power supplies are included

What's Included
2 x G-1000 Garmin units with monitors lighted buttons fully functional
1 Audio Panel
Several buttons are not programmable within Flight Simulator so they were left un connected and only there for show

All gauges are by Flight illusion

King Air engine gauges
Standby Gauges
1x Air Speed Indicator
1x Altimeter gauge
1x Attitude gauge

2x King Air Fuel gauges
Flaps Gauge

GSA15 KA350 Flaps

1 Dual Gauge configured as Cabin pressure and Cabin Altitude ( I have the plate to make it a dual fuel gauge See below)
GSA51 Cessna Fuel QTY

1 Custom Gauge configured as

Cabin Climb Rate

Central interface board


1 x Goflight GF-MCP-Pro Airliner Autopilot Module
1 x Goflight DIO Digital IO board
1 x Phidgets LED 64 board
3 x Joystick emulator boards (Leo Bodnar BU0836X 12-Bit Joystick Board)
each capable of 32 separate controls or rotary inputs
1 x HagstromĀ KE- USB108
Capable of 108 keyboard commands or macros
1 x Caution panel with LEDs
2 x PWM analog controls for cockpit lighting and dimming
1 X Saitek Pro Flight Yoke and throttle quadrant
1 X additional Saitek Proflight throttle quadrant
1 X Buttkicker Gamer (for that realistic feel)
1 X Trim wheel and quadrant mount with Aileron and Yoke trim
1 X Rudder Pedals
All necessary power supplies are included

All necessary USB cables and hubs are included

Please note that the throttle and yoke in these videos have changed

See the pictures below.  The throttle and yoke presented in the pictures below are the accurate ones included with the simulator. 














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